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    Replacement Brush Heads Compatible with Sonicare® Brand Toothbrushes

    Dentist designed replacement brush heads compatible with Philips® Sonicare® brand toothbrushes. Unique brush heads help sweep away plaque, surface stains, and bacteria. Get the best of both worlds – use your Sonicare® toothbrush handle and the triple bristle brush head, get that just left the dentist clean. 

    • patented three sided brush head - cleans all surfaces at the same time 
    • soft or extra soft bristles - silicone cushion around each brush head
    • self-adjusting brush heads - adapt to teeth of all shapes and sizes
    • angled bristles - makes perfect brushing automatic
    • comfortable - gentle on teeth and sensitive gums
    • dental work friendly – braces, implants, veneers, caps, or crowns
    • compatible with most major Sonicare® brand models
    • free US shipping, three per package

    Compatible with the Following Philips® Sonicare® Brand Toothbrush Models:

    • DiamondClean
    • Flexcare+ PLUS
    • HealthyWhite+ PLUS
    • 2 Series Plaque Control
    • 3 Series Gum Health
    • Sonicare® Brand Kids
    • EasyClean


    IMPORTANT NOTE: The replacement brush heads listed on this page were designed to fit Sonicare® Brand Toothbrushes ONLY. Before making your purchase, please double check which Sonicare® brand toothbrush model you own against the list above. We do not issue refunds on replacement brush heads that have been opened. The replacement heads available on this page, DO NOT fit any triple bristle toothbrush models (original, Go, Duo, kids). Also, these replacement brush heads DO NOT fit the Sonicare® Essence, Essence+, or the PowerUp Battery models.


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